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Our Business Interests.

We make strategic investments in opportunities that meet our criteria. These include strong operators or management teams with proven industry experience and a clear business model.

Your Home Check

Utilizing infrared technology, Your Home Check looks beyond what your eyes can see to identify potential problems inside your home before they lead to major damage. Your Home Check also performs energy audits that uncover ways to make improvements that reduce energy costs.

Universal Worker/InterStaff, Inc.

Universal Worker/InterStaff selectively recruits, educates and prepares foreign-trained nurses for permanent placement at leading healthcare organizations throughout the United States.  (All interest have been sold)

Sunserra Landscaping

Sunserra offers Austin area homeowners “one-stop shopping” for all residential pool, landscaping, hardscaping, lighting, decking, irrigation, drainage, waterfall, fountain and stonework needs. Landscaping professionals provide custom design services along with hands-on project management.

Document Imaging Technology

Document Imaging Technology offers a full range of printing services, promotional products and document management solutions, as well as custom printing and specialty product ordering services.

STR Marketplace

STR Marketplace operates the world’s largest set of websites for seat location transfers. STR marketplace partners with sports teams and venues to build and operate team-branded websites where season ticket holders can sell and permanently transfer the right to renew their season ticket location to interested buyers.

DIT Financial

DIT Financial provides statement processing and imaging services to community banks and finance companies nationwide